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The Reason this board was made is simple. I have been coming to the chathouse and vampire court for four year's now. On The Powerforum board certain people are not liked. Akasha somehow allows other people to curse and post short-winded to long winded messages on her board in abusive language,Roleplay or Otherwise,But Certain people Get picked out,singled out and that is when the hell breaks lose.

Lately, The Vampire court,and it's people particular the structured roleplay the place stood on for the last 5 or so year's has collasped and there is no roleplay there virtually anymore. I came up along with Mistress Maza, an Idea to paste the old court and it's custom's back together again. I also thought this would be best for those who are ignored or disliked on Akasha's Powerforum Board,That they could post on Mine and why not said I, Why not give people a chance instead of posting about their chronicle in a slew of messages, To Have their Chronicles Linked Through a Msg Board?

Still there will be people do want there to be change and are yet to afraid or have grown accostummed to having the life in the court the way it is now. I have always stood out,been very opinionated,open-minded,and if I have a problem I say so. I do not hide behind stereotypes of other's. I have always acted out,been the freak or the outcast,so I put The Board together and wrote chathouse design,and They againest their better judgement as they call it,let the board be put Up.

Still Alot of people assume That the board is up because "I hate them and I hate akasha and I hate that she banned my name chrys and rage,and several other reason's." This page exists to proove that YES That is Part of My Reason's for taking No more,and Also to state I DO NOT HATE ANYBODY, and If I did Hate somebody I WOULD NOT HATE THEM SO FREELY.

I have spent from October 1999 to January of 2000 In a coma,and that re-arranged my thinking. I came back to Chathouse on May 1st (beltane) To Change some Thing's about The way people are treated At The Vampire Court. I am going to do something about it. It needs to be done. And I realized I may be a Mental Nutcase who in some people eyes is just crazy,But Least I care about people Like Me "FEELING's and how newbie's are ignored and nobody could meet a friendly face in the Vampire Court if They Tryed. I know I have a Hard, Long Struggling Fight againest me,and I know the smart-asses who love to tear down people are Up againest me and are gonna try and block me at every step of this impossible,yet challenging Journey,and In My Book,Those are the best Kind.

So Now you know what My Goals are..are You againest me,Or with Me?
"Nothing Is So Constant As Change"